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"Googled the site & advertised 2 DJ Mixers for sale.

Buyers responded via the secure reply Exchange message service, via the inbox.

I sold both Mixers. I would recommend this site.

Turn around time was great - in a matter of days both items were sold!

- Gaspar


"I came across the Exchange website through Google search engine.

I advertised 3 items for sale. 2 telescopes and a lounge suite. The telescopes have already been sold.

I would recommend your site to others,
John P


"My flatmate told me about the site & since then I have been passing it onto everyone I know.

I have had two sales. Buyers contacted me on the web site & then we phoned each other.

I sold my sofa bed & also sold my didgeridoo to some very nice people.

Keep it up! Frances


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Textbooks for Sale. Students can buy or sell secondary or tertiary textbooks. Tourism, agriculture, architecture, marketing & language textbooks, hospitality, sociology, business. engineering & law textbooks for sale in Melbourne.

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HI: Keen to
HI: Keen to buy a second hand (good condition) ECCO UNO textbook : if you have the whole kit and again in good condition : let me know and the price. Thanks a lot !
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Ad No 99707
Posted Tue 16 May 09:21
LOTS and LOTS of people Google this page. Make SURE your ad is on it!


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