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"Used this site to place an advert for work.

Got five or six job applicants over a couple of weeks - very successful.

I think some of the functionality of the site - such as click through login for messages - is quite nifty and convenient, TM


"Somebody got in touch regarding my Carers position advertisement and I now have all the help I need.

Thank you, Ray N


"I found you on a Google search. The advert helped us to get new staff.

I recommend the Exchange website to my friends to use. Thank you for your free service and I will continue to use it again when needed.

Thank you again, Mary


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Maths tuition for
• Maths tuition • At customer premises
Maths tuition for all age groups from Year 6 to VCE. Aud 25 per hour. If request for more than 1 hour price can be negotiated. Excellent training for any student with minimal capabilities. Very patience teacher. Please call 0450081975 or 0434773560.
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Ad No 99655
Posted Wed 3 May 07:34
LOTS and LOTS of people Google this page. Make SURE your ad is on it!
"The position was filled.

Thanks for your help, Mary


"I advertised a job vacancy and it was filled immediately.

Thanks Melbourne Exchange! Victor


"We have had 5 work relocations among our residents since Christmas.

The response I get from the local paper is extremely poor despite expensive advertising.

It`s a fact that we would be in some difficulties without the help we get from this site, S Joiner


"In a world of false promises & time wasters, THIS WEBSITE IS THE BEST DISCOVERY I HAVE MADE on the internet to date.

It is like gold & as useful as a wheel.

I do RELY on it.

It has solved my tenant & job problems faster & more reliably than any agent, JS



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