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Spare parts & accessories. Free ads to buy or sell parts & spares in the Melbourne area. Sell car stereos, wheels, trailers, towbars, spares & auto accessories in Melbourne. Buy or sell wrecking vehicles in Melbourne, Victoria, VIC, Australia.
For sale : Buy & sell spare parts, accessories & wrecking cars Melbourne

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"I have previously bought a car through the Exchange so I thought I would try an advert.

My box trailer sold in 2 days and I had about 30 phone calls.

Fantastic service and I will recommend it to others. Thanks, Janelle


"My nephew told me about this site, he did great with his sale of a salvage car.

I will keep using this site as it is a great site i have checked out the ads and love them.

Would definately recommend this site and have done so... G. Ryan


"Thanks for making the Exchange available.

I advertised used auto parts for sale.

The ad worked - what more can I say!?

- Scott


Sell spare parts and wrecking cars in Melbourne
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• Car parts, spares & scrap cars • Melbourne VIC Australia

MELBOURNE CAR PARTS, Car parts & auto accessories for sale in Melbourne: Engines, doors, stereos, trailers towbars, lights, wheels & tyres for sale in Melbourne, VIC. Buy or sell wrecking vehicles in Melbourne.

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