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"Found Melbourne Exchange via Google search.

I have only used it once so far.

I advertised, and the responces were great!

I was selling my puppies and had more responses than I needed.

I would most definitely recommend this site to others.

Thank you very much!!
Madalyn H.


"I came across the Melbourne Exchange site from a basic google search.

I have used it quite a few times now, beginning to loose count!

I advertised my kittens and recieved instant responses within the first few hours after I had posted my ad!

I would certainly recommend this to others!

- Emin D.


"Told by a friend about Melbourne Exchange.

I have only advertised once here so far.

I advertised English Staffy pups for sale.

All the puppies were sold within 2 weeks.

Very happy.

Thank you,

Kerry G.


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We specialize in small breeds (under 10 kg) but, will consider a larger dog (depending on few relevant points: e.g. temperament, health, etc) - We are a matured couple with credentials and testimonials from many happy regular clients. We are home based - hence, your pet will get undivided attention, love and care. A secured, clean and happy home when you needed. E.g Day care and overnight stay (min 1 night/2 day stay on weekdays and 2 nights/ 3 ... more
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Posted Tue 23 May 19:16
LOTS and LOTS of people Google this page. Make SURE your ad is on it!
"I came across the Melbourne Exhange site via google search.

This is the only time I have used it but I plan to continue using it in the future.

I advertised. Interested people called me on my phone. I gave away free kittens.

I will definately recommend to others.

- Emin A.


"Buddy, the Tibetan Spaniel has found a wonderful new home and it couldn't have been a more perfect outcome.

l would highly recommend this website for anyone that is interested in selling, buying or freebies.

Thank you Exchange Classifieds for a wonderful outcome!

- Vicky Harris


"This is the second time I've used Melbourne Exchange to give away kittens.

- Jeremy B.


"I sold one of my cats on Melbourne Exchange, no problem, had a few enquiries too.

thankx, Christine



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