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Best Hot Air Balloon Festivals


The hot air balloon festivals are the best option for those who are planning a vacation with their friends and family. The hot air balloon festivals are now organized in most parts of the world. So, you won’t have to travel for miles if you want to become a part of a festival. Some of these festivals are supposed to conduct a competition between different people while others are organized for the sake of entertainment.

These festivals don’t just revolve around hot air balloons but there are many other activities you can perform at these festivals such as skydiving and riding. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun for you. We’d recommend visiting a hot air balloon festival if you’re planning a vacation with your family and friends. If you aren’t familiar with the best hot air balloon festivals, we can help you out.


We have collected information about hot air balloon festivals that are organized in different parts of the world. So, let’s take a look at the best hot air balloon festivals you can join this year.


Freedom Weekend Aloft

hot air balloon festival

This festival is one of the most popular hot air balloon festivals. And it’s organized in Simpsonville, South Carolina every year. The best part is that the festival is organized throughout the year. It means you can go there whenever you want. But we recommend going there vacations as it helps in making the most of your trip.


Many top entertainers from different parts of the world are invited to the concerts. Similarly, you can play several other games or have some fun in the amusement park. The fireworks can also add more fun to your trip. The best part is that you can easily find the hot air balloon special deal at this festival.


Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

hot air balloon festival

It’s another popular hot air balloon festival that entertains a huge amount of people every year. Different hot air balloon flights take place in the morning and the Balloon glow event is organized at night. This trip is going to be one of the best trips of your life. You can also enjoy other activities if you started feeling bored at some time.


Hot Air Balloon Rally


This festival is organized in Lexington City, Virginia every year. The festival is filled with lots of fun and entertainment. The children can take part in several activities. The hot air balloon rides are the best part of the festival. And live music concerts make this festival more fun and entertaining.