Can you lose weight doing pilates

Can you lose weight doing pilates?


Pilates is a popular low-impact exercise that is considered to be helpful in improving posture, building lean muscle, and toning up. Some people might not know but pilates is considered to be very helpful for maintaining a healthy weight. There are several other cardio exercises that can be helpful for weight loss. But pilates has its own advantages. However, the amount of calories you burn in the pilates classes is less than the other cardio exercises.

Can you lose weight doing pilates

We got a chance to meet the Elwood Myotherapy & Pilates experts and we learned many important things from them. So, we decided to share this information with everyone that wants to know if pilates is helpful for weight loss or not. We believe a combination of pilates and other cardio exercises will be perfect for those who are merely focused on reducing weight.


However, the following information will help you understand if the pilates help in weight loss or not. So, let’s take a look at whether you can reduce weight doing pilates or not.


How many calories does Pilates burn?


Your current weight is an important factor for deciding how many calories you’d be able to burn with Pilates. Similarly, the level of difficulty and the type of class you’ve chosen also put an impact on the calorie burn. If your weight is around 150 pounds, you can burn approximately 175 calories with one 50-minutes Pilates mat class. Moreover, you’d be able to burn around 254 calories if you’ve joined an advanced class.


How do calories affect weight loss?

Can you lose weight doing pilates

Burning 3,500 calories means that you’d lose 1 pound from your weight. We’d recommend going for cardio exercises like cycling, running, and walking for those who are focused on reducing weight. Similarly, you can make some changes to your diet to achieve your goals in a quick manner.


How often should you practice Pilates?


The beginners are recommended to practice Pilates 2 to 3 times a week. The combination classes like Yogalates and Piloxing can also help in boosting the results of your weight loss. The benefits of these advanced classes are a lot better than a casual Pilates mat class. If you consider trying these exercises for a few times a week, you’d experience a significant change in your weight. Make sure that you move gradually otherwise, you’d have to suffer from issues like muscle soreness.