Half the fun is the challenge: how A’qto Cycling kicks things up a notch

Half the fun is the challenge: how A’qto Cycling kicks things up a notch


Half the fun is the challenge: how A’qto Cycling kicks things up a notch

While there are cycling tours and holidays that involve slow rolls through the countryside at a relaxed pace, A’qto Cycling is not one of those in the mix.

These tours are designed for those who want to test themselves, challenge their own abilities and extract every bit of effort they can for the maximum reward at the end of the day.

But if you’re the one that’s looking to push the boundaries, this is an adventure to add to your list. Here’s our guide to current tours, the challenges you can expect and the preparation you need to take on in advance.

The ride difficulties: what you can expect with A’qto Cycling

These are the main tours that A’qto Cycling offers, but the provider is always seeking new experiences for their growing client base.


Giro d’Italia and The Great Climbs

9days, 8nights. 594km. 12,950m elevation. 9/10 difficulty

This features all of the iconic climbs in the Giro d’Italia including The Alps, the Dolomites and the Apennines. This tracks the same roads the professionals take and provides a high level of challenge for riders.


Tour of Puglia

9 days, 8 nights. 634km. 5495m elevation. 6/10 difficulty

Half the fun is the challenge: how A’qto Cycling kicks things up a notch

This provides a real Italian experience along coastal roads, plunging cliffs and through the olive groves. A mid-level challenge for those that want to take in the full experience and adventure of Puglia.


Tour of Tuscany

9 days, 8 nights. 566km. 9965m elevation. 8/10 difficulty

The perfect combination of challenge and beauty. The quiet country roads lead to winding hill climbs with breathtaking views at every turn. Taking in the diverse landscapes of Chianti and the hilltop towns of Montalcino, Montepulciano and San Gimignano, this tour takes riders on many of the very best rides of Tuscany.


Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo and Piemonte

9  days, 8 nights. 555km. 11040m elevation. 8/10 difficulty

Set in the rolling hills of Piemonte and culminating with a gran fondo named after Italy’s Champion of Champions, this is a ride for those seeking a historical and epicurean experience. This is a cyclist’s paradise but remains a secret for now (shh!). This ride will take you off the beaten path of the Barolo hills, into the Alps and provide a challenge only matched by the spectacular views.


Dolomites and Prosecco Rd

8 days, 7 nights. 530km. 12,960m elevation. 9/10 difficulty

A perfectly tiered challenge that begins with ascents through the Dolomites and culminating with the highest peak, the Marmolada, before taking in the beauty of the rolling Prosecco hills and the final challenge of the Monte Grappa.


L’Eroica and Tuscany

8 days, 7 nights. 505km. 8790m. 8/10 difficulty

Half the fun is the challenge: how A’qto Cycling kicks things up a notch

Are you ready to ditch the modern bike and take on a vintage challenge? Take on the testing climbs of the StradeBianche in Chianti, Tuscany on vintage bikes without the contemporary bells and whistles. An excellent tour for the purists and lovers of vintage steel.


Piemonte @ Harvest

7 days, 6 nights. 337km. 7334m elevation. 7/10 difficulty

A real hidden gem nestled between The Alps and the Mediterranean. Take on rolling hills with mountain terrain as the backdrop in the epicurean food and wine heart of Italy at the very special time of harvest of the prized Barolo wines and Alba white truffle.


The preparation needed to get the most out of your tour

Your preparation will depend entirely on the degree of difficulty assigned to each trip.

  • For the higher-rated tours (9 or 10 out of 10) you will need to be comfortable with riding at least 300km every week and preparing for months in advance with elevation in your training.
  • The 7 and 8 out of 10 tours are suited to those that ride at least 3 times a week and like to include hills in their rides. Eight weeks minimum preparation is advised for these tours.
  • The lower difficulty level tours of 6 out of 10 should not be mistaken for beginner riders. You will still need several weeks (ideally months) preparation, depending on where your riding level and experience is at.
  • It’s advised that you ride at least twice during the week and add a longer ride on the weekend, as preparation.
  • Start with flat terrain but try to incorporate more hills as you get fitter and more ready for the challenge.

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