The great importance of hoof care in keeping up the health of a horse


If you are a beginner to taking care of horses or any other ungulate animal, the most critical concern that you should have about their health and wellbeing are the hoofs. What are ungulate animals? These are a set of mammals who use their toes to support the weight of the body when moving around. Some of the examples of ungulate animals are zebras, camels, giraffes and donkeys.

In such animals, what comes at the tip of their toes is the hoof. The hoof is made out of keratin that make it a hard covering. Note that keratin is also the main ingredient in human hair. Since the entire weight of the animal comes to the hoof, there is a risk of the hoofs getting damaged.

Veterinary medicine at the farm. Veterinarian examining horse leg.

Horse hooves

When it comes to horse hooves, as they grow, they are worn down since horse sari animals that always move around. The four hooves of the horse support the entire weight. When it comes to domesticated horses, their value depends on their strength, speed and performance. Therefore, if you are taking care of a horse for their performance or just as a pet, paying attention to their hooves are must.

Since domesticated horses don’t move around a lot, their hooves are not worn out thus, it will have an impact on their health.

Importance of horse shoes

Horse shoes are a must have when it comes to hoof care accessories. These are vital in enhancing the health and the comfort of the horse as a whole. If your horse is doing a lot of work in their day to day life, it is important that you provide protection to their feet. This is when horse shoes come to play. Hors horses make sure that the hoofs of the horse are protected even if the hoofs are weak and they are not suite for labor.

Cropped images of a horses’ hooves while trotting

When setting up the horse shoes, it is important that it is done in the right manner so it will damage the hoofs. Therefore, if you don’t have the knowhow in how to install the horse shoes in the right manner, it is best that you consult a vet.

When trimming

Trimming is an essential step to take when it comes to hoof care. It is ideal that you guarantee that the hooves of the horse are in great shape and that it will not pose a risk towards the overall health of the house.

It is recommended that you trim the hoofs of the horse once in every two months. Again, trimming the hoofs of a horse requires the right tools and the skill. If you are not aware of the right technique to follow or if you don’t have the skill, it is important that you do not engage incorrect methods of trimming. Therefore, it is crucial that you consult a professional to help you do this so that the hoofs are well in shape.