Things to do in Melbourne

Things to do in Melbourne


So, you’ve planned to visit Melbourne for your next vacation? Without any doubt, you can enjoy lots of exciting activities in this city. But you won’t be able to make the most of your trip if you don’t have detailed information about things you should do in Melbourne. Although Melbourne is a popular city that provides you with access to a wide range of activities, we’ve created a list of activities that can make this trip memorable for you and your family.

Things to do in Melbourne

Let’s take a look at the things you should do when you are in Melbourne.


Take a visit to the Scinceworks


No matter whether you love science or not, you’d get to learn many important things at this place. A number of workshops and exhibitions are organized here every year. The Scienceworks building consists of a mini-metropolis, a lightning room, and a planetarium. You can see the 30-minute live shows in the lightning room while the planetarium is designed for organizing informative shows. We bet that you won’t feel tired when you are visiting this amazing place.


Take a Visit to Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens are located outside the city where you can enjoy a calm and peaceful environment. The botanic gardens are colorful and gorgeous as they have more than 8,500 plant species available. If you’re visiting Melbourne to spend some time away from your busy life, you must take a visit to the botanic gardens.


Go to a Massage Parlor


Many people don’t know but Melbourne is also known for offering a wide range of massage parlors. The massage experts from different parts of the world have gathered here to provide immaculate service to the visitors. If you’re feeling tired, simply search for “relaxation massage near me” and a huge number of massage parlors will appear on your screen. Make sure that you choose the massage parlor as many massage parlors offer their services at very expensive rates.


Take a visit to Chapel Street

Chapel Street is one of the most popular places you must visit when you’re in Melbourne. You can find a wide range of products in this market. You’d even get a chance of meeting your favorite celebrities as many international celebrities come here for shopping. However, this market is very expensive, therefore, you must check the prices of the products before making a purchase.