Tips for Decorating A Domestic Workspace


Having a space at your home dedicated to study or work is more often a requirement rather than a luxury, but how can we make this space comfortable without transforming the house into an office. Whether the environment at our disposal is large or small, to furnish a work area that integrates well with the rest of the house, you must take into account some factors that will help in creating a comfortable and orderly space in which to concentrate in our studio or work.


light is the first aspect that we must take into consideration in choosing the arrangement of the furnishings, if we are lucky enough to have a source of natural light such as a window or a skylight, it will be appropriate to place the desk close to it so to tire the eyes less and live within the environment better.

Install roller blinds for sale so that you can control the amount of natural light that seeps in. Even artificial light is of great importance, once a lamp is placed on the desk, we must choose warm and indirect lights in the choice of luminaires, which illuminate the walls and ceiling, creating a relaxing atmosphere that helps you concentrate.


As with the choice of lighting, the colour of the walls also influences the atmosphere of the room. Being a space that will be used in moments of concentration, it is good to avoid bright colours, rather choosing a chromatic range that goes from white to beige passing through the various shades of grey that also give an elegant touch to the home.

The colour choice does not have to be applied to all the walls, indeed, with the use of colour we can highlight for example a corner of the living room dedicated to the study when we do not have an entire room available, thus enhancing the environment.


The right choice of furniture is very important to maintain harmony between this environment and the rest of the house. Avoid having paper baskets and visible folders, or there is the risk of giving too much an office appearance.

Choose a large desk if possible, and shelves on which you place items, such as plants or paintings, in order to create a link with the living room and give continuity to the spaces of the house. If possible, place closed containers, in order to store documents and folders and leave the environment tidy. Finally, pay particular attention to the choice of the seat, it must hold good posture.

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Studio Corner

We are not always lucky enough to have a room to dedicate to studying. We often find ourselves forced to place our work corner in other rooms of the house, such as in the hallway or in the living room. The fundamental rule for setting up a study corner in the living room is to give continuity with the furnishings that must speak a common language. However, you can decide to enhance the change of function with a change of colour or material, thus creating a detachment, while maintaining harmony in the environment.