Tips For Decorating Your Office’s Reception Area


Your office’s reception area deserves all the tender loving care it could get because this is the first place that your potential clients and business partners would see. How would they feel at ease conducting business with you if you did not even bother to feel them welcome by ensuring that your office is presentable? The reception area should be able to make a good and lasting first impression that anyone who passes by your company would be eager to step in and take a look. Truthfully, the reception area could make or break your business.

With that said, there are several tips you could follow in decorating your office’s reception area.

Go Floral

Flowers have that effect on anyone’s mood. Seeing something beautiful instantly puts anyone in a more positive mood. If you put flowers and plants on your reception, it would make the area more alive and beautiful. Not to mention, these plants could give oxygen to make the air more breathable.

Hang Eye Catching Artwork

Hanging artworks is an easy way to add color to your reception area. Just a few pieces that are strategically hanged in your reception area where it gets the most traffic and your office is bound to leave a good first impression. Artwork hanging behind quality reception desks in Brisbane and your reception area would be a welcome sight for your clients.

Use Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors would ensure that your decors would not clash with one another. It would also keep things classy and sophisticated. You also would not have a hard time adding furniture and décor because the colors are neutral and complimentary. Avoid loud colors and migraine inducing garish patterns. Your clients should feel at ease and calm when they step inside your office and this would be impossible if the colors you use are flashy.

Use Books And Magazines As Décor

Putting books and magazines in your reception area serves a dual purpose. They could be used as a décor and as a source of entertainment. When guests come in and they could not be immediately entertained, they need something to pass the time. Books and magazines could serve them that and when they don’t feel like they are waiting for a long time, they would be more likely to conduct business with your company again. Just make sure that you update these reading materials frequently. No one would want to read a magazine from 2010.

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Invest In Easy To Clean Furniture

Since the reception area would experience a lot of foot traffic, invest in furniture that is easy to clean. You need your reception area to be always presentable and that is a bit difficult to achieve if there are always numerous people coming and going. If the furniture are easy to clean, you would not need to worry that the area is less presentable than you wanted.

You have to always keep in mind that it would only need a potential client a few seconds to decide whether they want to conduct business with your company or not. And since the reception area is what they would first see, you have to give them all the reasons they need to stay.