Top types of shipping crates, their features and benefits


The field of shipping keeps skyrocketing. Due to the different types of shipping requirements, to match all the needs, there are different types of crates available. If you are looking for the ideal type of crate to ship your products, it is best that you look into the available choices and then choose.

Choosing the right crate always guarantees that you get the highest safety to your products. In this article, we will talk about the top types of shipping crates that you can obtain from reputed companies based in Melbourne, their features and benefits.

Wooden crates

A top choice of many business owners is wooden crates as they can be used for a wide range of uses. The two types of wooden creates are open wooden crates and wooden sheeted crates. If you want an inexpensive packaging that is also lightweight, open wooden crates are the ideal solution. They are ideal for transporting items such as plastic products and hay. These crates are mostly used in the food and agriculture industry. If you are planning to ship by air, you cannot use open wooden crates.

If you are looking for an enclosed container that supports overseas shipments which also guarantees that your products are safe from damages and the effect of the water, wind and the sea, choosing a wooden sheathed create is ideal. These crates are highly durable and they can carry up to 30,000 pounds of indusial or even military equipment.

Metal containers

If your products are heavy-duty, there is no better option than using a metal container. These containers are ideal for transpiration and storage. Even if you are shipping machinery, this is the best option that you have. Regardless of what the weather is like, the products inside the metal container do not affect at all.

One way and two-way crates

If the shipments that are you making will be transporting goods to multiple destinations, choosing a decrease that is designed for it is ideal because if not, the procedure will be highly complicated and you might even end up losing your products. The ideal low cost solution for such shipping requirements is to use a one way or a two way create. Keep in mind that these crates are ideal for light weight products.

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Plastic crates

Another mostly used type of crate is plastic crates. What’s best about plastic crates is that they come in different designs and they prove to be highly versatile. Some of the available plastic crates are foldable plastic crates, standard crates, stackable plastic crates, and bottle crates.

Due to the different designs available, you can easily get your shipments done with these plastic crates. However, when it comes to major shipping requirements such as shipments of high weight, plastic isn’t the solution that you are looking for.

Therefore, always be sure to look into what your products are and choose the ideal type of crate for safety and efficient shipping of your products.