Two arrested outside Melbourne Church in a counter-terror police arrest

Cafe Police

Near a north Melbourne church, a man and woman have been arrested by the police. The arrest can be describe as dramatic since the policeman clad them in hazmat suits while leading  the operation. Melbourne Exchange news presenter said “It looked like they came out of Avengers: Infinity War”

The eye witnesses described it as strange and incredible when they saw heavily armed policemen on St Mary’s Anglican Church on Queensberry St about 2.30pm yesterday.

The heavily armoured, machine gun carrying police personnel wearing camouflage gear stood over the man and woman while they sat on the ground handcuffed.

The host described it as something she had never seen before. A witness stated that the man was carrying a backpack with him holding it an arms length and he was screamed at by the policemen to drop it.

During the fiasco, witnesses filmed the entire scene where the man sat on the pavement while being surrounded by officers and detectives over him.

Another witness stated that the man had been standing with his back towards a fence before the police made him wear a forensic suit. “It was weird,” he said. “Strange. Really strange.”

Footage from different sources showed the man handcuffed with cables while wearing a plastic suit.

The police did not confirm any arrests however they claimed that this was a routine operation. They also claimed that two people were assisting with the inquiries. In  a statement released on Friday night, the police stated “Detectives from the Melbourne Joint Counter Terrorism Team conducted a routine operation in North Melbourne this afternoon,”

“This operation is not linked to a specific incident and is part of the JCTT’s ongoing intelligence gathering. It is also not linked to any imminent threat.”

Police were reported to arrive in the area at 12 pm and shut down several streets for operation.

Before forensic teams and other units arrived the scene to execute the arrest warrant at 4 pm, policemen were seen guarding Viscount apartment block on Bedford St shortly after the man was taken away.

Since St Mary’s locum vicar Barry Fernley, was not in the church at the time, the inquiries were directed to Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier.

A spokesman for Rev Frier stated that he held no information at this moment.

The fiasco happened after the Easter Sunday attacks on hotels and churches in Sri Lanka. The attacks killed more than two hundred and fifty people. The sister of one of the alleged suicide bombers behind the attack stated that her brother had been radicalised while pursuing education in Australia.

Places of worship were to be closed for the weekend as authorities warned that another attack was probable. This act was part of the preventative measures taken by the responsible authorities for the safe guarding of the interests of Australian citizens. For the authorities felt one more attack was possible, it was their utmost responsibility to save the citizens from one more attack and protect the nation from any further harm.